Help to keep track of your order

You want to know your order is on the way. Of course you do!

You’ve got an order confirmation email from Dry Drinker.

This means we are preparing your order and will be shipping it to DHL in the next 7 working days.
Please check your junk folder in case the email has landed there.

You’ve got a shipping email from Dry Drinker and tracking details from DHL.

This means your order has left the DHL warehouse and will be delivered to you as soon as possible. At the moment, some DHL deliveries are being delayed and delays can vary across the country.

Your delivery has arrived but you haven’t got everything you ordered

Please be assured, this does not mean your order is wrong, has been missed or forgotten. There could be two reasons for this:

Either DHL has split your order, meaning it will arrive in two parts over a couple of days. (Though Dry Drinker cannot control this, we know that DHL might have to do this to keep its service going at the moment).


We are waiting for stock to arrive from UK and international breweries because production and supply chains are not working as normal at the moment (what is?).

We have not forgotten you. We are working to get the rest of your order to you as soon as possible.

When to email Dry Drinker about your incomplete order

You do not need to email us immediately. It would be great if you could wait 3 days before getting in touch.

If the rest of your order has not arrived after 3 days, please let us know by email –

Include the order and consignment number you got from DHL – with this info, we can sort it out.

We will aim to reply to any other questions in 24 hours.

Customers old and new, I’d like to thank you for your understanding, custom and support. We are working hard to supply you with alcohol free beer, wines and spirits while making sure our small team stays safe as we pack your orders and get them ready for delivery.

Keep well

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