This is the craft beer experience that comes direct to your door

Stuart Elkington
Director and founder of Dry Drinker

Dry Drinker Direct makes exploring alcohol free craft beers simple.

Founder Stuart Elkington and his team pick 8 different beers for you each month.

And they know what’s what. It’s knowledge that comes from Dry Drinker, which offers the UK’s biggest range of alcohol free beers, wines and spirits.

Stuart’s got 25 years plus experience working in the drinks industry.  

And since he stopped drinking alcohol, about 8 years ago, he’s tasted THOUSANDS of alcohol free beers.

Craft breweries ask his opinion on new alcohol free beers. Big brands let him know first when they’re making one of their favourites alcohol free.

And all that knowledge goes into your Dry Drinker Direct box every month. They only pack beers they enjoy themselves.